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“Viva Loch Lomond! The Life and Times of Elvis McGonagall”

On the 3rd of March 1960, Elvis Presley spent two hours at Prestwick Airport, Scotland en route home from national service in Germany. Big Agnes McGonagall, a starstruck baggage handler, was left with the memory of a lifetime. Nine months later, on 22nd December, 1960, Elvis McGonagall was born on Carousel B in the North Terminal. Coincidence? Not according to Big Aggie. Stuffing wee Elvis into a duffle bag, she set off in hot pursuit of Mr Presley and her American Dream. The rest is histrionics.

Elvis McGonagall spent his early years in Poverty, Tennessee where his mother filed several unsuccessful paternity suits and found work punching cows at the local rodeo. It was a tough upbringing for young McGonagall in the cotton fields of the deep south but it left him with a lifelong passion for Yiddish skiffle music, revolutionary socialism and 18th century French literature.

Following extradition by the FBI the family returned to Scotland where it is rumoured that Elvis flirted briefly with the world of gainful employment before retiring to The Graceland Caravan Park, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where he still lives. Boredom, desperation and the fear of putting on a bright orange apron and working in B&Q have now driven this bitter and twisted entertainer into the twilight world of stand-up poetry.

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