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Word Up

(for the Stroud based artist Andrew Wood’s Word project.
This piece uses all the words - in red - that Andrew has displayed outside his studio in the style of the Hollywood sign -

In Dyslexia dog is God
You can live on love and peas  
Sing Happy New Ear, Alan akbar!
Watch the polite catch moist thieves

You can dwell in the Backache Motel
Park in its multi-storey farage
Rent a semi-detached council horse
Vote for that duck Nigel Garage

Run a mole, ride a house, walk the plimsole line
Take some antithepresents - don’t jump
If you’re blue they’re Putin on the Ritz
That’s why the lady is a Trump

Trump is love police and fuck the earth
Trump is scrotum hearted nostril proud
Trump is suck my trouser donkey
Trump will never ever be very Stroud

Stroud is Noah when it’s stormy  
Stroud is Sairam Allah, be our guest
Stroud is a woman called Polly
Stroud is why not? Stroud is yes

copyright elvis mcgonagall, 2019


elvis mcgonagall

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