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Buddy Be Kind

I’m not St Francis of Assisi
And you’re not Mother Teresa
But you can turn rust into gold
And I can be a diamond geezer

We just need to try a little kindness
To take a walk where the angels tread
Kindness is a life-vest, humanity’s glue
It’s a beautiful virus - let it spread

From Armagh to Zanzibar, whoever you are
We all depend on the kindness of strangers
It boomerangs back, it smiles and says hello
It’s an unexpected bunch of hydrangeas

It’s not a Secret Santa just for Christmas
It can render each daily grind sublime
So make a kind act your everyday routine
C’mon Buddy - you can spare the time

Help an old chicken cross Lonely Street
Give away the last Rolo in your packet
Leave a fiver in a library book
Cover puddles with your Gucci jacket

Search for the Womble inside yourself
Pick up fag-ends, wrappers, cans and tin-foil
Make a sandwich Matterhorn for the hungry
Go on, go on, go on like Mrs Doyle

Serve tea and sympathy to the devil
Try to cause a cold heart to unfreeze
You might see Gordon Gekko run a food bank
Cruella Braverman might hug refugees

Run a mile in someone else’s stilettos
Lend an ear and try to understand
Share a heavy load and care for yourself
Feel good reaching out to hold a hand

Pour that full-fat milk of human kindness
Leave rancour and intolerance behind
This weary world could once again be Eden
If we all find the courage to be kind

copyright elvis mcgonagall, 2022
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elvis mcgonagall

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