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A true story. And possibly an unconscious homage to the late, great Ivor


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Knock, knock

"Who's there?", we asked

A reasonable question at such an unreasonably early hour
on a Sunday morning

"Jehovah's Witnesses"  replied the taller of the two
short-back-and-sides-sober-suited-shiny-shoed gentleman
shuffling on our doorstep

"Jehovah's Witnesses who?" we said as we peered round
our father's legs as he stood akimbo on the Welcome mat

"Jehovah's Witnesses who are waiting for The Second Coming,
The Divine Purification and Imminent Armageddon"
said the tall one waving a copy of The Watchtower in the air

"We've just come for a brief chat" he added

"Very brief" said my father as he slammed the door in their face

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