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Greece Is The Word < back


Olives up my nose, moussaka on my mind
Slathered in taramasalata
I’m Elvis El Greco of Greeceland
Don’t care if I’m persona non grata

Ambrosia seeker, lotus eater
Eternally skint, Olympian debtor
I’m sailing up the creek with all the poor Greeks
Make mine a metaxa, pass the feta

Gimme Aristotle and a bottle of ouzo
Gimme sun, sea, sand and Socrates
The Venus de Milo floating on a lilo
Sweet honey on a little Plato please

Fountain of democracy, home of the Gods
A world of light, magical, magnetic
Where Homer means much more than Simpson
Land of classically proportioned aesthetics

Of Pythagoras, Pericles and Plutarch
Aesop, Aeschylus and Euripides
Aristophanes, Sophocles and Sappho
Phidias, Philo and Phidippides

Xenocrates, Hippocrates, Hipparchus
Thucydides and Archimedes
Demis Roussos, Mr Papadopulous
Diogenes and Diabetes

“Austerity, austerity, all is austerity”
We should be wearing white robes - we’re the Greek chorus
From corybantic excess to dystopian distress
This poem’s written with the aid of a thesaurus

Elysium’s whitewashed walls are graffitied
Between Scylla and Charybdis lies fear
Halcyon days are hazy memories
Here come Europa’s purblind profiteers

Loan sharks peddling patronising myths
Handing down punishment that’s Sisyphean
They’re piling Pelion on top of Ossa
Time to leap into the deep blue Aegean

Go Hellenic - take a selfie at Delphi
Work the oracle and give Greece a chance
Raise a retsina to Athena’s wisdom
Bring out the bouzoukis and dance

Because figs cannot be gathered from thistles
Even Euclid couldn’t square a bloody circle
And take your beach towel off that lounger Mrs Merkel

copyright elvis mcgonagall, july 2015

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