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The raven is croaking in the yew tree
The owl is shrieking in the withered oak
A dread leaden pall shrouds our barren land
Decay wraps us in his sulphurous cloak

The serpent slithers through the jungled weeds
The beast festers in its wormy bed
Fear is lurking in the sullen shadows
Deep in the cankered forest terror treads

The silver-mantled moon turns bloody
Dismal discord hammers in the forge
The jaws of darkness devour all hope
The wailing winter wind whispers “George”

Steeped in gore, caressed by Satan’s claw
Out of Hades the devil’s spawn is torn
I’ve seen something nasty in the woodshed
The Thing that dare not speak its name - “Osborne”

Here’s Georgie Porgie Prince of Darkness
Gnash your teeth, weep, rend your garments, writhe
Lock up your daughters he’s the Poundland Poldark
A-wiggling his deficit scythe

Drop your trousers Britain, bend over
For the fiscal Wackford Squeers
A Reservoir Dogs’ Mr Pasty Face
Busy chop, chop chopping off ears

“Not just a Chancellor, an S&M Chancellor”
Marquis de Sade sour milk smile
Caligula in a Bob the Builder hat
Poverty’s Mack the Knife, curt and vile

There’s something nasty in the woodshed mother
Listen to my Edvard Munch silent scream
Oh sweet baby Jesus Christ almighty
Someone tell me that it’s all a bad dream

copyright elvis mcgonagall, 2015

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