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Cry hip hooray for Blighty
It’s jolly voting weather
Squash the Frogs, send in the Clowns
What ho chaps altogether!

Straight outta Eton, MC Bojo
Little England’s Mr Big
A six foot furry mascot
In an Andy Warhol wig

Walking, talking whoopee cushion
Rumpy-pumpy pants on fire
Porky pie man - what a whopper!
Dingle dangle on the old zip-wire

Hokey-cokey referendum
Crikey! Shafted up the Brexit!
Et tu Gove? Cunning stunt!

Cripes and crumbs! Nil desperandum!
Boris bounces back - good golly!
Me, me, me - nunc est bibendum
May Day! May Day! Pass the Bolly

Johnny Foreign Secretary
Bash the Boche and stun the Hun
Achtung Fritz! Clout the Kraut
Stick it up the Kaiser with a Gatling gun

What a tip-top-hat tofftastic time
Bunter’s got the tuck shop keys
Respect the liquorice allsorts bro
Ooh-aah Cantonese

Get down with the ethnics
Yo! Word up Hippocrates! 
Umbongo, Umbongo they drink it up the Congo
What a character, what a wheeze

Obama - “watermelon smile”
Hillary - “sadistic mental nurse”
Hi-de-Heil Angela Hitler
Drivel, piffle - yikes! - next verse

Whiff-whaff-bat twat diplomat
Big white chief meet picaninny
That Ankara wankerer rogers goats
Everyone’s a cannibal in Papua New Guinea

Blah-blah Brussels, blah-blah-fishcakes
Mumble, bumble, what a bore
Can I stop playing games now Matron?
This joke isn’t funny anymore

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