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That Government Healthcare Policy In Full < back


Denigrate, degrade, defenestrate
Compassion’s past its sell-by-date
Wave farewell to the Welfare State
Let the poor die

Demonize, deride, demoralize
Carve it all up, cut it down to size
Follow the profit, privatize
Let the poor die

Carry on doctor 24/7
All good nurses go to heaven
Don’t need a new Aneurin Bevan
Just let the poor die

Alcopop-pizza-doughnut guts
Varicose veins, cigarette butts
Lousy lifestyle choices - tut, tut tut
Let the poor die

It’s Charlie Darwin’s natural selection
Healthy, wealthy ubermenschen
Survival of the fittest pension
Let the poor die

Caring’s simply so intensive
Pharmaceuticals - terribly expensive
Sign up for cover that’s comprehensive
Let the poor die

No more needy “patients” in despair
You’re valued customers of Virgin Care
Got no insurance? Say a little prayer
Let the poor die

Virgin Upper Class illness won’t cost the earth
Choose Virgin syphilis, get your money’s worth
Call the Virgin midwife for a Virgin birth
Let the poor die

Three heart transplants for the price of two
Fast food surgery - drive on through
In an ambulance run by Deliveroo
Let the poor die

Pay for an Extra Special prognosis
The Finest drugs and diagnosis
Truly Irresistible tuberculosis
Let the poor die

Basic Saver service for the cheapskate sod
Competitively priced, not too slipshod
Meet your consultant Mr Sweeney Todd
Let the poor die

Take an aspirin for your cancer
Call your local necromancer
Waiting room full? Here’s the answer
Let the poor die

Depression is mere melancholy
Pull out that drip, get off that trolley
Beds are for clients with loadsa lolly
Let the poor die

Do something for nothing? Keep the receipt
Altruism is obsolete
NHS? New Harley Street
Let the poor die

Sink in blood, sweat, piss, shit, tears and toil
Lower your own coffin into Virgin soil
Last gasp death shuffle off this mortal coil
Let the poor die

Hey presto! No money! Disappearing trick
Dismantling our hospitals brick by brick
It’s this government that’s fucking sick
They’ll just let the poor die

by elvis mcgonagall, march 2017

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