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I Wanna Do The Continental



It’s time to carpe the diem con brio
Sing vive la difference amigo ooh la la
Ich kann nicht anders, que sera sera
I wanna whole lot of je ne sais quoi

I want to walk with the ghost of Paddy Fermor
Touch the Renaissance and breathe la belle époque
Roam from Rotterdam to Constantinople
Bound for the Byzantine, Bauhaus and Baroque

I want to dally in a deli with Dali
Contemplate Kafka in a Krakow café
Share linguine with Fellini, frites with Magritte
Cycle backwards up the Champs-Elysees

I want to swim in a river of Rioja
Cross the Rhine’s golden bridge with Charlemagne
I want to be Umberto Eco friendly
Waltz with Andrey Kurkov’s penguin in Ukraine

I want to watch the subtitled “Lives of Others”
Sun-drenched Almodovar to bleak black nordic noir
Wear Sarah Lund’s sweater while eating a bruschetta
“Troels! For helvede! Tak!” C’est wunderbar!

I want to be enraptured by Roby Lakatos
Manu Chao, Mozart, klezmer, cabarets
Drive a 2CV somewhere beyond the sea
Listen to Helen play a Chopin polonaise

I want the Daily Mail to wail “he’s foreign – send him back!”
I want to come over here and steal my own job
I want to wait tables, clean toilets, pick turnips, sweep streets
Just to irritate the bullet-headed Anglo-Saxon mob

I want to see the seamier side of Bohemia
Steep my soul in the velvety Aegean
Then give my weary bones a rest in the baths of Budapest
Skal! Proost! Yamas! Je suis ein European

copyright elvis mcgonagall for bbc radio 4 “saturday live”, 2013


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